Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: The Fate Of Atlantis takes us beyond Greece next week – Rock Paper Shotgun

Home • PC Game News • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey • The first chunk of DLC for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey had some decent enough missions, but didn’t really justify Ubisoft’s entire season pass. The second half – The Fate Of Atlantis – looks like it’s going to be a far more interesting adventure. Launching next week, April 23rd, it reminds me a lot of the underworld-delving second expansion for AC: Origins. It seems there’s a bit more to Atlantis than being a watery bit of Grecian real-estate with some glowy bits on – it might just be a portal to the realm of the gods. Take a look at some of its improbable vistas in the trailer below. The Fate of Atlantis looks like it’s following closely in the steps of Origins’s excellent Curse Of The Pharaohs expansion, taking players into the Grecian afterlife. There’s gods to meet, monsters to slay, and I’ve a gut feeling that it may all be some kind of massive holodeck simulation thing deep in the bowels of Atlantis. There’ll be some big new environments to explore, starting with Elysium itself, and a new set of skills to learn in this strange new realm, named after the gods of the land. Ares Bull Charge, Might Of Artemis and Kronos Time Warp sound like fun new toys to play with. It sounds like the new expansion will take a while for new players to reach, requiring a level 28 or higher character and completion of the story-ending quests Between Two Worlds and Heir Of Memories. Still, like its Origins counterpart, there’ll be an option to skip straight to The Fate Of Atlantis with a level 52 pre-equipped character, but you’ll probably be very lost, story-wise. I must admit that I’m eager to return to the game and see
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