Destiny 2 Revelry event starts next week – Polygon

Spring is in bloom, even in the world of Destiny 2. Starting April 16, Bungie will debut a new event named The Revelry to celebrate spring in the Tower. This inaugural edition of The Revelry comes with an Exotic weapon and a remix of a fan-favorite activity. The Revelry sees the Tower in full bloom. Holiday vendor Eva Levante will send players to the Verdant Forest, a remixed version of the Haunted Forest from the Festival of the Lost event last fall. While the space is bright and colorful instead of dark and spooky, the objective remains the same: clear rooms, reset your time, kill bosses. However, Bungie promises new twists on the activity. For rewards, players will earn the new Inaugural Revelry armor set. By defeating bosses, players increase their chance at a drop. Eva will also offer bounties each week to help complete the set. During the Destiny 2 event, players will earn a Reveler’s Tonic. By defeating bosses in the Verdant Forest, players can fill their tonic with Reveler’s Essence and reduce the cooldown of their grenade, melee, or class ability. The more pieces of Inaugural Revelry armor a Guardian is wearing, the more potent the tonic will become. The tonic is effective in all of Destiny 2’s activities, including the Crucible. Players can return extra Reveler’s Essence to Eva in exchange for a package filled with random drops, Enhancement Cores, and an ornament for The Revelry’s helmet. During The Revelry, all precision kills will have a chance to drop an Orb of Light. Bungie The Revelry also brings the long awaited Arbalest Exotic Kinetic linear fusion rifle, a first-time combination in Destiny 2. Instead of energy blasts, Arbalest fires slugs at enemies, and deals bonus damage to shields. Players will earn Arbalest by returning Reveler’s Essence
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